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Micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are crucial for the healthy development of both mind and body. Children, women, and the elderly are more likely to have a deficiency of micronutrients due to eating habits, dietary preferences, and body requirements.

Foodness Fortified Rice is specially formulated to help you and your family consume enough of these crucial micronutrients, for healthy and happy lives.


The elderly are particularly vulnerable to micronutrient deficiency due to several internal and external factors.

As we grow older, we lose appetite and can be quite selective about what we eat. Some of us may also suffer from dysphagia, where we have difficulty in swallowing food. Sometimes we also have trouble eating certain foods due to chewing difficulties.

This leads to a restricted diet where certain important food groups and micronutrients are missing.

The micronutrients in Foodness Fortified White Rice can boost mental agility and help in the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease (Vitamins B1, B3, B6, Folate). They also improve metabolism and increase energy, and boost the immune system (Vitamins A, B3, B12, Folate, Zinc).

We may have trouble eating leafy vegetables, crunchy fruits, and delicious meat, but a bowl of steaming white rice or porridge made from Foodness Fortified White Rice will still be a part of our daily diet!


Young children and toddlers are seldom adventurous when it comes to food.

Their favourites? Chicken Nuggets. Sausages. Pasta. Fried Rice.

Vegetables usually end up on the floor.

The one thing children willingly eat is white rice, and for a special treat, fried rice!

With every spoon of Foodness Fortified White Rice, you know your children will be having the essential vitamins and minerals needed for energy, brain development, and healthy growth.


A woman’s reproductive life requires her to have very different nutritional needs compared to men.

Zinc, Iron, and Folate are very important micronutrients to women as they go through menstruation, pregnancy, breast-feeding, and menopause.

As modern diets and preferences tend to favour one food group (think vegan diets and keto diets), key micronutrients may be lacking for healthy growth and development.

With Foodness Fortified White Rice, a small serving can help women get sufficient micronutrients without the need for expensive supplements.


Micronutrients are essential to energy production, repair of cellular material, and a healthy immune system. Men in active, energy-intensive jobs require sufficient micronutrients to be at their peak performance. Staying mentally alert with sufficient micronutrients is also crucial in dangerous work environments like construction, oil, and gas, and while operating heavy machinery.

Older men might also eat fewer micronutrients as their dietary habits tend to change as they age. Their appetite diminishes, or they develop gastrointestinal symptoms from some types of foods, or perhaps they focus only on foods that are easy to prepare. All these factors can lead to deficiencies in key micronutrients.

Vegans & Vegetarians

A plant-based diet may bring about health benefits, but also poses a challenge in making sure you consume sufficient micronutrients from a variety of plant-based food.

The nutritional deficiencies most commonly experienced by vegans and vegetarians include Vitamin B12, Zinc, and Iron. As these micronutrients are usually found in meat and dairy products, it can be difficult to ensure a sufficient intake of these micronutrients in a plant-based diet.

With Foodness Fortified Rice, vegans and vegetarians can supplement their diet with Vitamin B12, Zinc, and Iron with every bowl of delicious rice.

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