About Us

Foodness Asia is a social enterprise focused on improving nutrition for everyone

Micronutrient deficiency, or “Hidden Hunger” affects 2 billion people across the world today.

In Asia, the average person eats about 150 kg of white rice every year. Through the use of fortified rice, we can improve nutrition for everyone, in a cost-effective, convenient, and delicious way.

Foodness Asia was founded in 2019 by an experienced management team concerned about the social and economic impacts of hidden hunger globally. Foodness Asia aims to fill the gap in commercial food production and marketing enterprises that can serve the needs of populations vulnerable to micronutrient deficiency.

Foodness Asia will demonstrate that it is possible to produce and distribute fortified products at a low price-point and develop the market through awareness campaigns and marketing.   We will accomplish this through extensive use of social media, exploiting the latest technology in automation and analytics, and by forming partnerships in supply, production, and distribution with major industry players. 

It is the goal of Foodness Asia to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of…

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